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Love ya girl. Its peace of mind to know that you're ok, I thought about you alot during the storm, this is the first time I've had any sort of net access since, I logged on right away to see if you and your family were well, much to my relief.

Be strong. This too shall pass.

I am SOO glad you are ok I was worried. How did your home fare?

We had some minor (compared to many) water damage, some pretty significant roof damage, and lots of hazard trees (IE trees leaning threateningly over our house, neighbors house, live power lines, etc that could go at any minute.) Thankfully the park's incident team came and removed all those trees like the supermen they are... especially since most tree removal places were quoting 2,000 and up to remove them. Asses.

Things could be better, but I count my family among the very fortunate.

Oh no.. I'm so sorry, Ilea. *hugs*

Oh Gods, Ilea... I'm so sorry. My heartbreak is nothing compared to yours but believe me when I say, I'm aching for you.


There are no words to express how sorry I am for all that you are going through.


Woof! *hugs and shepherding*

*hugs* Hey PM me your contact # if you would like and I'll see whatever we can do to help and at least check in on you all.

WhiteShepherd of Furtopia

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